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Canahari Multidisciplinary Summer programs started in 2016 as a community initiative and in 2018, this initiative grew to an actual summer program called the Canahari Summer School or CASS. In 2018, CMSP was registered as a non-profit organization here in Regina, Saskatchewan. Over the years, we have collaborated with community organizations, African leaders, Indigenous Institutions and language educators. This collaboration was a starting point for reconciliation, building trust and a collaborative relationship between the First Nations community and the Black community in Saskatchewan. Since our existence, we have welcomed over one hundred and fifty school-aged children and youth (Blacks, Whites, Indigenous). These children participated in the Canahari Leadership and Science Program in partnership with various community organizations, and Code Club. 

Goals & Objectives

This culturally responsive program has adopted Ontario’s anti-black racism framework. We are focused on two objectives. Firstly, Increase community engagement and capacity for newcomers and marginalized students through sports, arts, business and marketing. Our teachers work with students and their parents to build social participation through sports, arts, and culture through appropriate resources that they need to excel academically and socially examine discipline measures and develop alternative student supports. Through this initiative, we will promote participation and reduce barriers in our community through inclusive, culturally responsive, relevant teaching, curriculum, assessment, and resources.  Secondly, strengthen the development of safe neighbourhoods through community activities and resources. Expansion of STEM, career readiness and skill acquisitions, digital literacy, arts-based programs and culturally responsive teaching/reconciliation. Over the years, we have enhanced the way we teach our students. Our science and engineering programs have incorporated outdoor activities and land-based learning. We have included modules on  the awareness of cyberbullying (Online Hate), bullying prevention and digital literacy. Some of our science programs includes coding, surf the internet, and conduct community-based research. We will also provide STEM projects, sports programs, leadership training, and workplace skills training to promote youth interventions and encourage positive relationships and close the socio-economic gap.

Canahari Multidisciplinary Summer Programs, also known as Canahari Summer School or CASS, is committed to providing culturally responsive training in areas of  Education, Mental wellness, STEM, arts through culturally relevant Programs and consultation with the Black African communities and elders to CASS students during CASS events in July and August. Typically, CASS runs in July & August at the University of Regina, each year, and Winter workshops in February during the reading break. CASS has received support from local, provincial and national organizations such as The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Community Initiative Funds, Canada Summer Jobs and the Canadian Periodical Funds.

We are able to reach out to children and youths in the core areas of Regina, newcomers, children of African descent. Some of our activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Canadian Arts & Science

  • Art Movement – Dancekapaint, Singing

  •  Canahari sports team- Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Track and Fields team

  • Arts-Storytelling, drumming, photographic/ digital training

  • ElderRespect Activities- African and Indigenous teachings, Arts

  •  Canahari Media Team- Publishers, Writers, Editors

  • Annual Business ConferenceMoneyTalk- economic, financial literacy training

  • Culture Education- cultural awareness training

  • STEM (science, technology, Engineering, and Maths)- Coding- STEM in the Garden


The goal of CASS is to advance cultural diversity in Saskatchewan by supporting and encouraging children and youths in Saskatchewan to share, learn, appreciate, respect and accept cultural diversity by:

  • Empower young people through Arts, Dance, and multidisciplinary education through

  • Showcasing diverse cultural programs from different cultural groups in Saskatchewan

  • Engage diverse cultural societies and local organizations in Regina

  •  Work with the community organizations and members

  • Develop New Skills, early childhood development, through sports and other arts and cultural activities.

  • Work with Elders, Indigenous organizations and communities to promote Indigenous knowledge and history

Areas of interest

Arts & Health

Music, Dance, Poetry, Painting, mental health education


Business, Proposal Writing, Marketing, Financial Literacy

STEM & Research

Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics


Inter-house sports

Heritage Language

African History, Ethnic Languages, Canadian History

Social Justice

Anti-Black Racism & Anti-Bullying Education

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